Semiprecious Stones

Lynsy_stuff always makes designs using natural and beautiful materials. They must be real semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls and .925 silver from Bali and Chiangmai. Some other materials might also added to make them even more perfect to wear.

.925 Silver from Bali and Chiangmai

Customized designs are also welcome. Please let me know if you want to make something extraordinary for a special occasion. Price is not an issue here. Affordable price is what we always offer. Customized designs are also welcome.

Recently I have also interested in making healing and calming jewelry for the peace of mind. Some people call it mala jewelry. It can be used for meditation, yoga or even self-healing. Natural bead stones and rudrashka or genitri beads are used for this kind of jewelry. Usually I use the colors of chakra in designing mala jewelry.

Please feel free to contact me.

Happy shopping!